2. Working with organizations


C-View Strategies is a design consultancy passionate about engineering organizations for maximum performance and mission effectiveness. We perform at our best when working with high integrity executive teams that are serious about taking their organizations to new levels of performance.  We believe all organizations share fundamental similarities regardless of the industry sector in which they exist, and can be fixed, improved, and optimized by utilizing a common framework, tool kit, process philosophy, and associated process models. Our methodology embraces the concept of helping executive teams take their organizations to “the next level of performance”. We do this by coaching them in the development of more effective “strategic and operational habits” through working closely with them over a period of several months to help them successfully define and deliver their specific transformational initiatives.  The decades of operational hands-on experience and the many dozens of engagements — spanning numerous industry sectors and employing many different business models — that we have participated in have served to intensify these beliefs while increasing our inventory of readily available tools and processes.CareerConstructors - logoThe people behind Career Constructors come from deep operational business and engineering backgrounds — collectively we have spent thousands of hours hands-on in business lines and varied operational functions, so we understand the day-to-day reality of trying to get things done within tight budgets, short windows, across various organizational silos, and dealing with shifting priorities and resources.  Consequently, we take a somewhat non-traditional view of the “people side” of the organization.

 Employee Engagement:

  • “Getting Excited about Work: Unleash Your Intrapreneur!” This employee-oriented one-day workshop helps your employees to develop a clear sense of their strengths and how they best add value, and helps them better understand how to navigate your organization to identify and ultimately fill their “perfect fit role”. The workshop is available in a public workshop format if you have a few employees you want to help develop, or can be offered as an internal workshop for up to 25 employees. (Find out more)
  • Speed Networking Workshop (2 hours)  this fast-paced, fun workshop gets participants engaged through multiple networking conversations of a few minutes each. Large group formats of up to 30 participants can be facilitated, and a 30 minute presentation upfront sets the stage for getting the most out of your conversations by anchoring some core themes about how to be more effective at networking. (Find out more)

Employee Development:

  • Executive and Employee Coaching: we provide 1, 3, and 6 month individual coaching  packages for organizations wanting to develop and enhance their employee, manager and executive leadership skills. All coaching packages include regular one-on-one coaching, extensive email support, and flexible scheduling to match the availability of those being coached.
  • Business Mentoring: Through our related company C-View Strategies, Inc. we also provide one-on-one business mentoring for managers and executives that the organization has earmarked for intensive career development. Business mentoring assignments are customized around the specific situation after initial consultations with the organization and the individual.

Team & Mission Effectiveness:

  • Half-day Team Effectiveness Workshop; this is an ideal workshop for  a functional group working together, typically 8 to 12 people.  This workshop starts with exploring the “hard wiring” of each employee using a personality profiling tool, and then explores differences in personality types and how that manifests itself in working teams. This leads to various workshop exercises around how to improve their productivity and engagement as both individuals and team members.  (Find out more)
  • Full-day Business Alignment & Team Effectiveness Workshop for management/executive teams of up to 12 in number. Provided by our related company C-View Strategies, Inc. this workshop starts with focus on “team effectiveness” and then builds on that with facilitated conversations regarding business strategy and helping the team to (i) simplify/clarify the strategy and (ii) better align themselves around the strategy execution piece.  (Find out more)


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