def’n: “business engineer”

From Wikipedia: “Business Engineering” is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how complex businesses should be designed and managed.”… for me that sums it up pretty well. With an Engineering degree, a Business degree, 25 years and counting of big and small company field work under my belt, a couple of my own businesses to operate, and a consuming passion for all things business, I figure the title of “Business Engineer” is my most accurate job title yet..!!

My capabilities are a function of my extensive experiences in high change, technology oriented industries combined with a deeply held belief in continual stretch — learning through new experiences and gaining new insights into “business done well”. Over the years, I have become increasingly passionate about improving the performance of business and its alignment with the concerns of its key stakeholders. I have developed multiple vehicles focused on differing aspects of this “reform” agenda, including:

C-VIEW STRATEGIES (strategy consulting): focuses on working with individual businesses and their owners/executives to improve business performance;

CAREER COACHING INTERNATIONAL (CCI): focuses on working with individuals to discover their passions and help them find their most meaningful work, whether as traditional employees or entrepreneurs. In complementary capacity, CCI works with organizations in improving the effectiveness of their internal talent development processes.

PROFESSOR (university lecturer): focuses on helping students develop deeper critical thinking about business, its role in society, and its complex set of relationships with its many stakeholders;

BUSINESS DETOX PROJECT (not-for-profit): a research and advocacy initiative examining various aspects of “detoxifying” key stakeholder relationships, notably business’s relationship with (i) the natural environment; (ii) it’s human talent, and (iii) it’s consumers.


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