The impact of regulations…

France has enacted small business regulations that kick in for companies having greater than 50 employees… I wonder how that might impact the owner’s decision-making?

Of course, this shouldn’t come as any surprise — it is, however, very clear evidence as to how regulation impacts day-to-day decision making and overall company strategies Thanks to Jim Rose’s blog post for providing me this delightful graphic from the Economist — here is Jim’s full blog post if you want to read more details about the regulations and their impact.


2 thoughts on “The impact of regulations…

  1. Fabulous illustration of regulation impact. In Canada a preferential federal tax rate applies on the first $500,000 of income earned . Effectively large firms (over $10M) pay 15% and smaller pay 11%. I wonder if this also impacts business growth strategy.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andrew. Great question — I don’t have any data regarding it however I would certainly think you could see similar patterns in our data if we analyzed it around these regulatory break-points…. I wonder who might want to do that study…?

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