2 thoughts on “US education levels vs. income

  1. So given the return on education is the present value of the (average household income – high school income), discounted to inflation over an average 35 year period…the calculation would be:
    PV Return on Education: PMT=(100K-85k), I=2%, n=35
    PV Return on Education: $ 374,979.29
    Average Total Price of Attendance of Undergraduate Education, full time, full year: $22,368 per year (http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/cats/education.html)
    PV of cost of education: PMT=$22,368,n=4,i=2%
    PV of cost of education: $85,171.28
    Expected Total Net Present Value of Education: $289,808.01 (per household)

    My curiosity would be if the expected total net present value to education correlated to enrolment figures in any way…?

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