What? Am I a failure…?

Having just clocked in with another birthday, I was amused and just a little frightened at this infographic. I have absolutely no idea about the accuracy of these charts (how would you go about plotting these things out, I wonder…?) however here is what I take away from it, as it applies to me at my current age:

  • could I be a failure?  Well, apparently I’m getting up there…
  • could I be awesome? Not yet, but much hope for me in the next 25 years
  • could I be high? Apparently not.
  • could I be a loser? Good chance.. wait a minute, is that the same as being a failure?
  • could I be important? Diminishing daily… if I can get to be 100 things will turn around!
  • could I be an entrepreneur?  Falling off quickly…
  • could I be depressed?  Every chance of that, it seems.
  • could I be misunderstood? Apparently, not much chance of that.
  • could I be a liar? Yes. No wait, no. What was the question again?
  • could I have all the answers? Come back when I’m 100 and I’ll tell you.

Ok, now that I’ve interpreted these results for myself, you go ahead and give it a try.


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