How “big data” disrupts everything…

Talk about your “disruptive technologies”. Philip Evans of BCG makes a compelling case for how and why the emergence of “big data” is going to drive massive disruption and transformation of our traditional business and governance institutions. Guaranteed to be painful and not at all pretty…


2 thoughts on “How “big data” disrupts everything…

  1. I believe we have been witnessing this for awhile and trying to come to terms with what “it” will look like and not only how large traditional organization’s are going to adapt but how the individual will fair (in terms of job skills, etc.) in this “shake-out”

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Karen. The valuable part here, I think, is the context-setting that the talk provides. In terms of how the individual will fair, my focus is on the rapid evolution and expansion of the “free agent” model across all industries , which many I’m sure will find very disruptive.

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