Change How You Think About Change

Wonderfully concise article about more effective ways to think about change — definitely worth taking a couple of minutes to read this!

The Advancing Leadership Blog

Organizations are constantly challenged by the forces, fall-out and fulfillment of change. So what do you as a business leader truly need to know about the why, what and how of change? Sit up straight and pay attention, because it may be different from what you think.

1. Be uncomfortable when you’re comfortable

If you’re questioning why your organization needs to change, we’ve identified your problem. Complacency. When things are going well and there are no major problems, it’s easy to succumb. Yet complacency is like a narcotic that dulls the drive for change. It dulls your vigilance for the need to change and slows your reaction when the need for change arises.

Consider Swiss watches. The Swiss dominated the worldwide watch industry from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s. In 1968 Swiss watches accounted for over 65% of worldwide sales and over 80% of profits. Why? Meticulously crafted watches…

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