Your vote required: “Designing for success in the 21st Century”

English: A polling booth in the New Forest for...
English: A polling booth in the New Forest for the UK vote change referendum and local government election. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need your help.   How? Very simple — click on this link and vote for my manifesto:

Here’s the back-story to this request: I recently submitted a proposal  for writing a manifesto titled “Designing for Success in the 21st Century”. The organization accepting these submissions runs a process whereby manifestos accepted at the proposal stage are then voted on by their readers and the ones that receive the highest votes are then created by the author(s) and the ChangeThis! editorial team and published. My manifesto proposal is based on a recent book I co-authored that explores a handful of key design flaws in our institutions which directly lead to much of their toxic behavior, and hints at some general ways we need to nudge re-design efforts to reduce this poor performance and unwanted behaviors.

My intent with this manifesto — once written — is as a platform for gaining more exposure to these ideas and for starting more collaborative conversations with interested parties about what kinds of further steps we can take to redesign our institutions. I hope to be able to leverage the manifesto content and the storyline for increased exposure, possibly through mechanisms like TEDtalks and similar opportunities. You can help me get more quickly and firmly onto that path by taking a few seconds right now to click through to this link, and vote:

Thank you very much for your support on this. You taking a few minutes of your time to read through this, click on the link and vote for my work means a great deal to me.


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