One description of “teamwork”

The Three Stooges Field Goal ... Columbus, New...Two men were working along the side of a busy road. One was digging a hole and the second one was filling the same hole with the dirt dug up by the first one. A passerby walking along the road stopped by to ask what they were doing, as he could clearly see that what they were doing didn’t make any sense. The first one replied: “We are a team of three. My job is to dig a hole, the middle one then lays the cable, and the third one fills up the hole. The middle one is out sick today, but the two of us are just doing our regular jobs!”

Unfortunately, this makes about as much sense of some of the stuff that I have seen over the years in real companies with real work products. Anybody out there a member of a team that works and thinks that way? I guess it would be funny, if it weren’t so soul destroying…


3 thoughts on “One description of “teamwork”

  1. sounds like the team I work with called the global economy, I’ve got one team member creating a product that also generates large amounts of waste, another team member buying it and then another team member cleaning up the waste. Even when the team member buying the product is “missing” its still business as usual for the two businesses, as least until the 4th team member, investors, realizes that their business investment has no customers.

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