The world of the Recruiter

Here is a great article I just stumbled across today — it is titled “10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You” and it certainly rings true to me. So if you are currently in a job search and you’ve shopped your CV around to a bunch of industry “head hunters” in the hopes that they’ll be pushing your case, you definitely want to read this to get a bit of a reality check on how the Recruiter world really works. Just to wet your whistle, here are the 10 things they won’t likely tell you — listed out:

1. “There are better ways to find a job.”

2. “We don’t work for you.”

3. “Until a year ago, I was a car salesman.”

4. “The job we advertised may not exist.”

5. “We already know quite a bit about you.” 

6. “Our jobs aren’t so hot either.”

7. “You’re at the mercy of a computer, just like online job board users.”


8. “The ‘temp-to-perm’ carrot is rotten.”

9. “If you have a job, I could get you fired.”

10. “If I’m in Virginia, I probably won’t help you find a job in Nebraska.”

Reading this article will pretty quickly provide you a better understanding of how the world of the Recruiter works. They certainly have their place in the overall landscape of career search however the key is to remember that they are not working for you — they are working for the company that hired them, and so they are ultimately driven by those needs and not yours.  Read the whole article here.


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